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Jubilee Rider Makes the Team!

Jubilee Farm Rider Katie is now on the Miami U riding team!

Congratulations to Jubilee Farm rider Katie who is now a member of the Equestrian Team at Miami University!

Hat’s off as well to Lori LaMattina, her dressage instructor at Jubilee, for helping her to prepare for this new chapter in her riding career.

Everyone here will be cheering for you Katie, including your buddy, Cayuse, who will be here cheering from a distance!

The webpage for the Miami University Equestrian Team can be found here.


Pasture Buddies Must Be Friends!

You horse’s well being is our top priority!  When a new horse arrives at Jubilee Farm, we carefully introduce him or her to potential field friends for turnouts.  We have carefully divided our fields so that nobody is lonely, but nobody is sharing a field with an enemy.

Here, the new kid (Jaxon) makes fast friends with Poppy…

Horses who are turned out together must be friends