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The 2016 Fun Show Is Fast Approaching

Your humble web master has been grossly negligent in the “posting what’s going on” department, but no better time to start again than with the announcement of


Mark your calendar, bring your costume, and get ready for this year’s extravaganza!

Saturday, November 19 at Noon!

We’ll have the classic classy classes plus some new opportunities.

Walk/Trot Equitation
Walk/Trot/Canter Equitation
Egg & Spoon
Ride a Buck
Drunkard’s Paradise
Catalog Race
Trail Class
Barrel Racing
Pole Bending
Team Barrel Racing (w/partner – no horse)
Team Egg & Spoon (w/partner – no horse)
Team Ring Toss (w/partner – no horse)
Team Pole Bending (w/partner – no horse)
The Legendary Costume Class

Pizza Party!

Gift Exchange!  ($10 limit)

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Here comes the Fun Show 2012!

Jubilee Fun Show9

It’s that time of year again!  The much anticipated Fun Show is almost here!

Mark your calendars for November 4th, at noon.  There is a wide variety of classes, including the ever popular costume class.

The sign up sheet is in the barn…please sign up as soon as you can.

After the show there will be pizza, and if you want to participate in the gift exchange, just bring a gift ($10 limit)!

It’s always loads of fun, so we look forward to seeing you there!





Jubilee Rider Off to a Great Start!


Megan's First Ribbon at her First Show




Congratulations to Megan, who just rode in her first Hunter Show last week and got a 2nd Place in her very first class!


She’s been working hard, and it’s great when you get to see hard work pay off.  Kudos to Analee, her trainer at Jubilee Farm, who has spent many hours outside and in the indoor arena, offering encouragement and walking in circles.


Great job Megan!  Even though we know it isn’t all about the ribbons, a ribbon doesn’t hurt as a great place to start!

Jubilee Rider Makes the Team!

Jubilee Farm Rider Katie is now on the Miami U riding team!

Congratulations to Jubilee Farm rider Katie who is now a member of the Equestrian Team at Miami University!

Hat’s off as well to Lori LaMattina, her dressage instructor at Jubilee, for helping her to prepare for this new chapter in her riding career.

Everyone here will be cheering for you Katie, including your buddy, Cayuse, who will be here cheering from a distance!

The webpage for the Miami University Equestrian Team can be found here.


Pasture Buddies Must Be Friends!

You horse’s well being is our top priority!  When a new horse arrives at Jubilee Farm, we carefully introduce him or her to potential field friends for turnouts.  We have carefully divided our fields so that nobody is lonely, but nobody is sharing a field with an enemy.

Here, the new kid (Jaxon) makes fast friends with Poppy…

Horses who are turned out together must be friends